Carolina map related articles in recent publications

December 2021 issue (No. 167) of The Journal of the International Map Collectors Society (aka IMCoS Journal) contains Boundaries of the Palmetto State: How royal instructions, survey errors, Indian Treaties, and negotiations with neighbours shaped South Carolina  by Edward E. Poliakoff.  IMCoS members have on line access to this current issue and all prior issues. A preview of the above essay is available on line, but you’ll have to join to read the full essay.

The Winter 2021 issue (No. 112) of The Portolan, the journal of the Washington Map Society, contains Hilton’s Carolina Pilotage with Shapley’s Chart before Locke and Lancaster, by Paul Hughes. The cover illustration for this issue is a 1662 ms map of Cape Fear River. Members of the Washington Map Society have on line access to The Portolan. The latest issue is currently being shipped to members but has not yet been posted on line (as of 1/19/22).

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