About the WPC Map Society

The William P. Cumming Map Society was founded in November, 2000, and held its inaugural meeting on 19 January 2001, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Subsequent meetings have been held in a variety of North Carolina locations, and also in Georgia and Virginia. Please check out our home page for future meeting announcements.

The goal of the William P. Cumming Map Society is to bring together individuals who share a common interest and enthusiasm for maps. Membership is open to everyone and includes collectors, dealers, curators, academics, cartographers, and those who simply enjoy maps. The purpose of the Society is to promote the study of cartography and its history, to encourage map collecting, and to support the preservation of the world’s cartographic heritage.  All who love maps, who want to learn more about them, and who want to meet others who share a similar passion, are encouraged to join.

Who was William P. Cumming?

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