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General Assembly Petitions, Committee Reports, and Resolutions Pertaining to the 1808 Price-Strother map of North Carolina: 1790-1799.

These records, listed chronologically, were obtained from manuscript documents in the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC, and from published journals of the House and Senate.


General Assembly Session Records

Nov. – Dec., 1790

 Senate Bills (Dec. 3-8)

  House Bills (Nov. 5-Dec. 11)

   Box 4


A Bill for obtaining an accurate map of the State           December 7, 1790

Whereas ___________

have proposed to this General Assembly to furnish each county with an accurate map of this State; Conditioned that they shall be provided with a plan of each County; And whereas such a map would be of great utility as well to the Citizens of this State as to foreigners and Citizens of other States.

Be it therefore Enacted by the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina & it is hereby Enacted by the authority of the same, that the Justices of the County Courts in this State shall a their first session after the _______ day of _____ next, contract with some person or persons properly qualified to make out such a plan of their County as shall be required by this act, for such sum as they may deem reasonable for said service.

And be it Enacted that this said person or persons, when so appointed, shall plat the lines of his County according to the course & distance thereof by a Scale of ____ miles to an inch, from actual surveys, where such have been made, and when there are natural boundaries between Counties or lines have never been run, in that case such lines shall shall be platted agreeably to the best information, he or they can obtain of the same, and in the said plan shall be laid down, the water courses, the Court House, public roads, Towns, Churches, principal farms & mills, mountains, remarkable places, fords & ferries on rivers, etc. etc and shall execute the same in a compleat manner, & present the same to the next County Court of his said County, and when approved by a majority of the Justices thereof, shall be certified by their Chairman, who shall then order & direct _______ of the money arising from Estrays in said County, to be paid the person or persons so employ’d agreeably to his or their contract.

And be it Enacted that the persons directed by this act to be appointed in each County for the purpose of making plans thereof, shall send or deliver the same approved as aforesaid to the said ___________ within ________ months after his or their appointment, under the penalty of ______ pounds for neglect or refusal, one half to be applied to the use of the County the other half to the aforesaid _______ to be recover’d by action of debt before any Jurisdiction having Cognizance thereof.

And be it Enacted that the said _________ when furnished as aforesaid with a plan of each County in this State, shall within _________ after make or cause to be made an accurate map of this State, and shall within said time deliver at each of the district Towns, one of the said maps for each County in this State in full consideration for the plans of Counties herein directed to be made, under the penalty of ________ pounds for each failure, to be recovered before any Court of Laws for the use of such County.

And be it Enacted that the maps hereby directed to be made & delivered as aforesaid at the District Towns, shall be delivered to the County Court Clerks or their order, and shall by them be safely kept in their offices for the use & information of the said Courts and other persons.

And be it Enacted that the said ________ for and in consideration of the trouble, expense & attention necessary & incident to such an undertaking, shall be vested with the sole right of making and vending the said maps for _______ years, agreeable to the act of the Genl. Assembly entitled an act for Securing Literary property— passed at Newbern 1785.

In Senate 7th Decemr 1790 read the first time & passed.

J. Haywood C.

Mr. Bryan

Mr. Tyson


H. Coms 10 Decr. 1790 read & laid over til the next Genl. Assembly

J. Hunt CHC


There is no evidence that the bill was re-introduced during the 1791 General Assembly.





Journal of the House of Commons

p 51, Tuesday, December 25, 1792:

Mr. Hamilton presented the petition of Jonathan Price, which was read, referred to the committee on public bills and sent to the Senate.

Mr. Wynn presented the petition of Nathaniel Christmas, which being read, was referred to the committee on public bills and sent to the Senate.


Journal of the Senate

Wednesday, December 26, 1792

Received from the house of commons the petition of Nathaniel Christmas, and a petition of Jonathan Price, each endorsed “Referred to the committee on public bills,” which were read, referred in like manner by this house and returned.


Journal of the House of Commons

p 53, Wednesday, December 26, 1792:

Received from the Senate…also the petitions of Jonathan Price, Nathaniel Christmas, and James Fletcher, endorsed “Read and referred as by the house of commons”


In folder: (Nov., 1792 – Jan., 1793) Petitions (Miscellaneous):

Jonathan Price’s petition:

To the Legislature of the State of North Carolina

The Petition of Jonathan Price respectfully sheweth.—

That your Petitioner being sensible of the Great Utility that a correct Map of this State would be to the inhabitants thereof, has for this Three Years past been Labouring in that useful Service at the same on his own expence and now proposes to lay before this respectable Body what he has already done, and if encouragement is given to go on with this arduous the undertaking shewing in an accurate manner on a much larger scale than has ever yet been attempted, by Actual Surveys, the present Bounds of the State, sounding on the sea coast, dangerous shoals on Cape Fear, Cape Lookout and Cap Hatterass, all Sand Banks, Inlets and the depth of water therein, soundings and shoals in Pamtico and Albemarl sounds, with all Rivers, Beys, Lakes, Cannels, Swamps Creeks, ferrys foards and Roads, in every Districk & beautifully Adorned with courlars colours, all the county lines shaded with different coulars Colours, every Subscribers Mannor Actually survey’d and adorned to be finished as speedy a[s] the nature of the [cost]* will Admit.
Your petitioner in
duty bound will ever acknowledge etc—

Jonathan Price


*Thornton transcribed it as “cost” which may have been the intent. However, the word unequivocally starts “ca”. The final two letters have been corrected, possibly to “st”. Another possibility would be “case”.

On the verso of Jonathan Price’s petition:

Jonathan Price

In House of Commons 25 Decr. 1792 read & refered to the Comm. of Public Bills

By order,

J. Hunt C

In Senate 25th

Decr. 1792 read & referred as by the House of Commons.

J. Haywood


Nathaniel Christmas’s petition:

To the Honorable the Legislator of the State of North Carolina

The Petition of Nathaniel Christmas, most respectfully sheweth

That your petitioner being well acquainted with the great utility that a General And Correct Map would be to this State as well for the benefit of the inhabitants Thereof, as an inducement to foreigners and others, to migrate to it, by putting it in their Power to obtain in a very short time, a Complete Knowledge of the many blessings and advantagious situations it is possessed of together with the Principal [sic] public Roads, Courses and Distances from Place to place, throughout the whole—Your petitioner (being a native of this State) and Having Regularly Studied Geography and Having travelled much in this, as well as in most of the other States in the union, He flatters himself that by his Care and Industry, he shall be able to give General Satisfaction in this arduous undertakeing—and In order to facilitate this work, and by a small experiment therein, to Convince his own Mind, that he was in some degree equal to this task with the assistance of some skillful artist, has made some progress therein—at his own expence, and now proposes to Your Honorable body – provided a sutable Incouragement be given by the State to Complete a map thereof on a large scale Fully describing the present boundaries of the State together with the boundaries of Each County, the principal Rivers bays and Sounds of the State, with the permanent seat of Government its Situation bareing and Distance to the different Court houses university and public schools the whole to be Compleated with the assistance of a Directory pamphlet in the most Correct manner, as soon as the Resources put into his hands will admit one Copy to be presented to his Excellency the Governor a Copy to Each house of the General Assembly one to the Commissioners of the Seat of Government one for each County in the State and one to the university, and your Petitioner as in duty bound will pray etc

Nathaniel Christmas

On the verso of Nathaniel Christmas’s petition:

Nathaniel Christmas

In House of Commons 25th Public Bills

Decr. 1792 read & refered to the Committee of

By order

J. Hunt CHC

Decr. 1792 read & referred as by the House of Commons.

In Senate 26th

J. Haywood C


Monday, December 31, 1792:

The committee to whom was referred the memorial of Nathaniel Christmas and Jonathan Price, report –That they are of opinion that such attempts to procure a correct plan and map of the State, are worthy of receiving the greatest encouragement from the legislature –That the two applicants, from their relative situations, might effect jointly, by comparing their notes, surveys and observations, this subject, with more accuracy than when single –That the pretentions of each are equal, and are equally well recommended in point of character and capacity. –Your committee do therefore submit, that the petitioners be allowed the sum of five pounds for each county, by way of advance, upon their giving security to effect the plan proposed by actual survey, and that they have a copy right in the same when compleated; and that they supply the legislature at their next or succeeding session with one copy for each county, to be distributed as said Assembly may think proper. Which is submitted.


Resolved, That the house do concur with this report.

On the question to concur with this report, the yeas and nays were called for by Mr. Coleman, which are as follow, to wit,

YEAS –Messrs. Wood, May, Lanier, J. McDowell, Ragsdale, Tillman, Anderson, J. Mebane, Shelton, Creecy, N. Smith, Beck, Blount, Wynn, Mitchell, Yancey, Miller, Alston, Pugh, Pearce, White, G. Moore, Edmunds, Harvey, Davis, Wommack, Porter, Lock, Basil, Gaither, Henderson, McFarland, Gilchrist, Houser, S. Spruill, Hinton, Montfort, Long, Hamilton, Wright, J. L. Taylor, J. Hall, Jasper, Lord –43.

NAYS –Messrs. J. McDowell, Brittain, S. Hall, Whitehall, Theams, Matthews, Burges Gaither, Hannah, Croom, Phifer, Barrett, Dunn, Drake, Arrington, Bell, Bailey, Coleman, Regan, Thompson, Haines, Pender, W. Taylor, B. Jones, Branson, N. Bryan –25.

Monday, December 31, 1792

A report of the committee to whom was referred the petition of Nathaniel Christmas and Jonathan Price, was read and concurred with by this house.


Treasurer’s and Comptroller’s papers

Letter of Governor Spaight to the State Treasurer, John Haywood, found in:

Treasurer’s and Comptroller’s papers

 Executive Offices: Salaries and Contingent Expenses

  Contingent Expenses 1786-1800

   Box 7

    1793 – Christmas & Price – for maps (folder title)


State of North Carolina

His Excellency Richard Dobbs Spaight, esquire, Governor Captain General &             Commander in Chief in & over said State.

To John Haywood esquire

Public Treasurer


Please pay to Messrs. Nathaniel Christmas and Jonathan Price Two Hundred & Ninety pounds current money, being in advance for Maps which they are to deliver agreeable to a resolution of the General Assembly of the 31st day of December 1792 – for which they are accountable, – and this shall be your warrant.

Given under my Hand and Seal at ???, which I have caused to be hereto affixed at Newbern the 1st day of January 1793.

His Excelly’s Comd.            

Richd. Dobbs Spaight

Frans Hawks/Secy




These documents are found in:

General Assembly Session Records

 Dec., 1794 – Feb., 1795

  Box 2

PETITION OF PRICE & CHRISTMAS (signed only by Price) – January 1795

To the Honorable the General Assembly of North Carolina

The Memorial of Jonathan Price and Nathaniel Christmas

Respectfully sheweth.

That your memorialist at the annual Assembly of 1792 made applycation to the General Assembly for assistance to enable them to make a Compleat Map of the State of North Carolina by Actual Survey describing each County, the Sounds Shoals, Bays, Inlets, Rivers and Creeks seting forth in a Clear point of View the Advantages of Outland and Inland Navigation as also the Courses and distances of all the publick Roads etc., which applycation was refered to a Joint Committee of both Houses, who reported that the undertaking was laudable and desired every encouragement from the Legislature and recommended that your applicants should be allowed the Sum of Twenty pounds for each County out of the Treasury but that Report was rejected and the Sum of five pounds was allowed, which your memorialists did receive with a belief that when the Legislator should be assured we had disposition and abilities to execute so Important and Laborious a task, they would readily grant them such further assistance as should seem reasonable with the Impression they have proceeded to survey with great accuracy the most of the Counties in the Eastern and Middle part of the State, which they will be able to shew before the end of this Session the greatest part of which, is at this time on their Journals and no ways connected. Experience has taught them to know that the experience of surveying a County far exceeds the sum allowed and can receive very little by subscription. We therefore pray that your Honorable body will take the primses [sic] (premises, or promises?) under consideration and grant them such further aid as you in your wisdom may judge proper, and they in duty bound will pray.—

Jonathan Price

The verso of the Petition of Jonathan Price & Nath. Christmas is annotated as follows:

In House of Commons 13th January 1795 read and referred to the Committee appointed on the message from His Excellency & the papers accompanying.

By order: J Hunt CHC

In the Senate 14th Jany 1795, read & referred as by the House of Commons.

By order

J. Haywood

THE COMMITTEE’S REPORT on Price’s petition

[In folder labeled:   House Committee Reports (Dec., 1794-Feb., 1795) ]

The Committee on the Governor’s message to whom was referred the petition of Jonathan Price and Nath. Christmas, Report—

That your committee after hearing the said petition read praying that they might receive further encouragement from the General Assembly enabling them to perfect a just and acurate [sic] map of this State: are of opinion, that to patronize such an useful and laudable undertaking, the following resolution be passed—Which is submitted.

Benja. Smith Chr.

Resolved that the Treasurer be directed and he is hereby required to pay unto Jonathan Price on loan the sum of five hundred pounds without interest for the term of three years; he first giving bond with sufficient security for the punctual payment of the same to the Treasurer. To enable the said Price to prosecute to effect his undertaking in compleating a map of this State.

Resolved, That the house do concur with the foregoing report and resolution.   [The preceding sentence was not on the manuscript document, but is in the printed Journal of the Senate, the latter also including the following vote].

The yeas and nays being required by Mr. Waddell, seconded by Mr. Pickett, are as follow:

In favour of this report and resolution –Messrs. Arrington, Barnes, Blount, Creecy, Cathey, Dickson, Gillespie, H. Hill, Huggins, Howett, Jasper, Keaton, Little, Love, Lane, McKinnin, Jo. Riddick, R. Riddick, B. Smith, S. Smith, Sawyer, Dr. Williams, R. Williams, J. Williams, Wolfendon, Wynns—26.

Against this report and resolution –Messieurs Alston, Croom, Chiles, Cain, Edwards, Gray, Isley, Irwin, Jones, Macon, McNiel, McIntosh, Phifer, Pickett, Jo. Stewart, Spicer, Ward, Waddell—18.

The following notations are on the verso of the manuscript document in the State Archives:

Report of the committee of the Governor’s message on the petition of Jonathan Price and Nathaniel Christmas.

In Senate 29th Jany 1795 Read and Concurred with

Wm Lenoir S.S.

By order        J. Haywood C.

In the House of Commons 6 February 1795, Read & Rejected.

By order        J. Hunt CHC

The printed Journal of the House does not document a rejection of the Senate’s proposal, but merely an approval of an alternate proposal that apparently was then accepted by the Senate, the primary difference being a change of the Senate’s original proposal of “five hundred pounds without interest” to “three hundred pounds, on interest.”


Received from the Senate the report of the committee on the petition of Jonathan Price and Nathaniel Christmas, concurred with by that house; which being read, was concurred with by this house, and returned.

Resolved, That the Treasurer be directed to pay to Jonathan Price, on loan, the sum of three hundred pounds, on interest, for the term of three years, he first giving bond with sufficient security for the punctual payment of the same, to enable him to prosecute to effect his undertaking in compleating a map of this State; and that the security hereby required shall be given to the Treasurer.

On the adoption of this resolution, the yeas and nays were called for by Mr. Franklin, and seconded by Mr. Clifton, which are as follow:

YEAS—53 [not all names are legible]

NAYS—48 [not all names are legible]

The House of Common’s resolution, as transcribed below, is also documented in the following State Archives manuscript material:

Treasurer’s and Comptroller’s papers


  Money Borrowed and Loaned 1731-1877

   Box 1

     Folder: Money loaned for the purpose of mapping the State (Jonathan Price John Strawther) 1795

North Carolina

In the House of Commons 6 February 1795

Resolved that the Treasurer be directed to pay to Jonathan Price on loan the Sums of three Hundred pounds on Interest for the term of three years, he first giving bond with sufficient security for the punctual payment of the same, to enable him to prosecute to effect his undertaking in compleating a map of this State, – and that the Security hereby required shall be given to the Treasurer.

Timothy Bloodworth, SHC

By order

J. Hunt CHC

In Senate 6 February 1795.

The foregoing resolution was read and concurred with.

Wm Lenoir S.S.

By order

J. Haywood C.








PETITION OF PRICE & STROTHER to General Assembly, December 1796

General Assembly Session Records Nov.-Dec., 1796,

 Box 3

  Folder label: (Nov.-Dec., 1796) Petitions (Miscellaneous).

[Dec. 15, 1796]

To the honourable the General Assembly of North Carolina

The Petition of Jonathan Price & John Strawther [sic] humbly sheweth, that your Petitioners having undertakien to make a complete and accurate map of North Carolina, have prosecuted that design with all the diligence in their power, and by the aid which they have received from the legislature, together with their own private funds, they have now taken and completed rough maps of about two thirds of the whole State. In the progress of this work your Petitioners have already expended more than 3000 Dollars, and as they are not men of large fortunes, they find themselves reduced to the necessity of applying once more to the patronage of the Legislature.

On the utility of this design, your Petitioners forbear to enlarge as it has been maturely considered by former legislators who have been pleased to give it their most generous sanction and encouragement. Your Petitioners therefore pray that a Committee be appointed to examine their maps, and report concerning the progress of their work, and in order to enable your Petitioners to complete the same, they humbly solicit your Honourable body for the loan of a further sum, on the same terms on which the former was granted. Without this assistance their utmost industry will be ineffectual and with it they pledge themselves to have the whole work completed by the next annual Session of the legislature.

The petition is annotated on the verso as follows:

Petition of Price & Strawther [sic].

In H. Commons 15th December 1796 read and referred to Committee of Finance.

By order                 J. Hunt CHC

In Senate 15th Decr. 1796, referred as by the House of Commons.

By order                        J. Haywood


The Committee of Finance report is found in:

Treasurer’s and Comptroller’s papers


  Money Borrowed and Loaned 1731-1877

   Box 1

    Folder: Money loaned for the purpose of mapping the State (Jonathan Price John Strawther[sic]) 1795

The Committee of Finance to whom was referred the Petition of Jonathan Price and John Strawther praying a further Loan to enable them to complete a Map of this State.–


That the Committee have examined the Maps of the several Counties that they have completed, and find the same Executed with accuracy and in a masterly manner, that they have taken and completed rough Maps of about thirty Counties in the Eastern part of the State, and are now proceeding to the Western [part] it appears from the information given the Committee by the petitioners that they have expended in the prosecution of this laborious business about three Thousand Dollars, and that it will take in addition to that sum three thousand Dollars to enable them to make a complete Map of the State; and with the assistance of five hundred pounds at this time by way of loan they pledge themselves to have the whole work compleat by the next annual meeting of the General Assembly. —

Your Committee after carefully examining the progress they have made in said work, and considering the utility thereof, are of opinion that the request of the petitioners ought to be granted, and do therefore recommend that a Loan of five hundred pounds be granted the said Jonathan Price and John Strawther upon the same conditions as those heretofore granted them; for the purpose of carrying on the said undertaking.

Which is submitted                       J. M. Binford Ch. [Benford in printed Sen Jrnl]

In Senate 23rd Decr 1796 Read and concurred with

Benj. Smith Spkr.

By order     J. Haywood C.

In the House of Commons, 24 Decr 1796 Read & concurred with

[Mussedine] Matthews SHC

By order     J. Hunt CHC




1798 Price-Strother petition and General Assembly documents are found in:

State Archives, Raleigh, NC

 General Assembly Session Records Nov. – Dec., 1798

  Box 2

   Folder: (Nov.-Dec., 1798) Senate Committee Reports

To the Honorable the General Assembly of

The State of North Carolina

The Memorial and Petition of Jonathan Price and John Strother

Humbly sheweth,

That some time since, they engaged in surveying the State for the purpose of making an accurate Map thereof. The accomplishment of this work they were taught to believe would be as generally acceptable as useful; and from the long experience they have had in that business, they were flattered into the opinion that they could execute the work to the satisfaction of a discerning Public. Your Memorialists further show, that under the assistance of the General Assembly, they embarked on this business; that at great expense, and with infinite labor, they have actually surveyed every County in this State, together with the Roads, navigable Rivers etc. Your Memorialists further state, that some part of their work, viz. a Map of the Sea Coast of the State, and a Map of Cape Fear River as far as Wilmington and its vicinity, have already been engraved and laid before the Public; and your Memorialists have some confidence in the belief that it has been generally approved.

Your Memorialists, while they acknowledge with the liveliest gratitude the liberal assistance they received in the commencement of this work, conceive themselves bound to state their progress to your honorable body. The manuscript map of the State they have now ready to lay before you, containing at large all the Counties of the State, except five in the Centre, some small parts of which they have not yet completed; and it is with satisfaction they add, that such of your honorable body as have examined the Map, have expressed their approbation of its execution, and acknowledge its accuracy. Your Memorialists beg leave further to state, that in consequence of the total application of their time to this important object and the large sums they have been obliged to expend in making and procuring surveys of all the Counties and collecting information for every part of a State so extensive, so variously situated and connected with many difficulties, both on the Sea Coast and the mountainous parts of the Western Districts, they have unavoidably exhausted the funds received and provided for carrying on this work.

The interest the Citizens of North Carolina have in a work of such public utility, and the gratitude of your Memorialists for the liberal support of the Legislature, make it a duty incumbent upon your Petitioners to make this candid disclosure to the General Assembly; and as nothing is wanting now to complete this useful undertaking but the engraving, they feel encouraged to apply once more to the liberality of an enlightened Legislature. A few months only are necessary to complete this part of the business; and as soon as the Map is engraved, the loans to your Memorialists will be immediately and gratefully repaid, as they are well assured of an extensive sale, and a much larger Sum being already secured by Subscription than is necessary to reimburse the generous advances of the Public.

Should your Honorable Body be of union that this work, which was begun by your aid, is worthy of being perfected, your Memorialists beg leave to state that they can give satisfactory security for the sum you may lend them, and with honest confidence engage to repay the same by the next meeting of the General Assembly.

Jonathan Price / John Strother

On the verso of the petition of Price and Strother:

The memorial of Jonathan Price and John Strother.

In the House of Commons 13th December 1798 Read & referred to a committee of one member from each district court Messrs. Davenport, Alexander, Mebane, Purviance, Bessant, Blackledge, Shaw, and Harwell

In Senate 15 Dec. 1798

Read & referred to Mr. Brittain, Mr. Locke, Mr. Groves, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Freshwater, Mr. White, Mr. Rhodes & Mr. Willis.



The Committee to whom was referred the memorial of Jonathan Price and John Strother,


That it appears to your Committee that the memorialists have been for five years and upwards in making actual surveys of every part of this State from the Ocean to the most western boundary thereof. That they have actually published a correct and accurate Map of the sea cost [sic] with a description of all the Inlets and Harbours, and the depth of the water on and bearings of all the Shoals in the vicinity of the said Inlets, from an elegant engraving at a very considerable expence which your Committee conceive will be very useful to navigators, and the means of preserving many useful lives and much valuable property.— The Map of the interior part of the country has been carefully and attentively inspected by your Committee, it is nearly ready for the press, and contains a description of the Counties, Towns, Rivers, Mountains, and principal Highways in this State executed with a degree of accuracy which at the same time that it commands the perfect approbation of your Committee, exhibits a striking and irresistible proof of the ingenuity and industry of the memorialists. It appears to your Committee that the publication of the said Map will yet be attended with very considerable expense and that the Memorialists are men of small fortune which has been greatly diminished by the time and expense which they have employed in executing this laborious and useful performance and that without pecuniary aid they are not in a condition to complete it, whereby this valuable work will be lost to the public and the Memorialists deprived of the well earned fruits of their long and painful exertions.—Your Committee taking the promises and the great utility which this Map will be to the publick, under their consideration recommend the following resolution.

Resolved that the public Treasurer be directed to loan to Jonathan Price and John Strother the sum of seven hundred and fifty pounds on their producing their Bonds with approved security to refund the same in twelve months with six percent interest thereon and that the Treasurer do not take any person who is security for them on their former bonds as Security for the loan hereby recommended.

Which is submitted

Sam Johnston

N Carolina     In Senate 20th Decr 1798

Read and concurred with

Benj. Smith, Spkr

By order      J.Haywood


The following is from the print edition of the Journal of the House of Commons:

(Full title = Journal of the House of Commons. State of North-Carolina. In the House of Commons. At a General Assembly, begun and held at the city of Raleigh, on Monday the nineteenth of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-eight, and of the independence of the United States the twenty-third: it being the first session of this Assembly. [Wilmington, N.C. : Printed by Allmand Hall, 1799])

House of Commons – Saturday, December 22, 1798

Received from the Senate a report on the petition of Jonathan Price and John Strother, concurred with by that House; which being read, a motion was made to concur with the report, which being objected to, a motion was made and seconded, that the concurrence therewith be decided by yeas and nays, which are as follow:

YEAS –Messrs. Alexander, Blackledge, Davenport, T. Davis, Grist, C. Harvey, Haywood, A. Johnston, Kenan, Larkins, J. Lea, Loomis, G. Lea, Mills, A.D. Moore, Neale, Piggot, Pinkham, Rhodes, Rogers, Shaw, Stanly, Walker, W. White, J. White—26.

NAYS –Messrs. Allison, Banner, Barrot, Benbury, Bradshaw, Bruce, Bunn, Burgess, Binford, Cabe, Collier, Croom, Dabney, A. Davis, Deberry, Drake, Eaton, Edmunds, Felton, Fitts, Foster, Franklin, Gaither, Granberry, Gatling, Greene, Harwell, Hilliard, Hudgens, Humphreys, H. Johnston, M. Jones, J. Jones, Ingram, Lindsay, Long, Martin, Mebane, McFarland, J. Moore, Montgomery, Morton, Parkes, Pindar, Purviance, Ramsour, D. Smith, Stallings, Stewart, Stokes, Tatom, Taylor, Thompson, Turner, Whitaker, J. Williams, T. Williams, Wiggins, Wright, Westbrook, S. Yancey, J. Yancey—62.

So it was resolved in the negative.


The Senate Committee actually approved the petition and recommended an additional loan of ₤750. As usual, the House did not have the same inclination and, as indicated above, overwhelmingly defeated the resolution.




Price and Strother’s petition presented to the General Assembly in 1799 has not been located. The following are the General Assembly’s actions taken in reference to that petition, as recorded in the printed Journals of the House and Senate:

Journal of the Senate

p 30 Monday, December 9, 1799

Mr. Rhodes presented the petition of Jonathan Price and John Strother relative to the map of North-Carolina, lately made by them; and praying the patronage and further indulgence of the Legislature, towards completing and publishing the said map; which was read, referred to the committee of finance, and sent to the house of commons.


Journal of the House of Commons

Tuesday, December 10, 1799

Received from the Senate the petition [of] Jonathan Price and John Strother, endorsed, Read and returned to the committee of finance; which being read, was referred as by the Senate and returned.


Monday, December 16, 1799

Mr. R. Smith, from the committee of finance, to whom was referred the petition of Jonathan Price and John Strother, delivered in a report, which being read, was agreed to as follows:

The committee of finance, to whom was referred the petition of Jonathan Price and John Strother, Report, That they have had the said petition under consideration, and are of opinion it would be proper to grant their prayer; they therefore recommend the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Treasurer be, and he is hereby directed to proceed in the suit instituted against the said Strother and Price, for the recovery of the money heretofore loaned to them by the State, to final judgment, but that he forbear to issue execution thereon, until the meeting of the next General Assembly.

R. SMITH, Chairman.


Some information in this post is referred to in Footnote 8 and Footnote 17 in the Price-Strother article.

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