What map is this? NC Canals are key

NC Canals… Do you ever find yourself staring at an old map and wondering, “Where on earth did this map come from?”  That question was recently prompted by a small undated map with no publisher imprint. The map is titled N. & S. CAROLINA and GEORGIA.1826-NCSCGA-ArmroydCareyLea

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Nonexistent North Carolina Maps or North Carolina Maps You’ll Never See



A recent listing on eBay reminded me of the neglect frequently paid to North Carolina by map publishers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The eBay listing was for a “Tourist’s Pocket Map of South Carolina”, by S. Augustus Mitchell. 1836 South Carolina pocket map by S. Augustus Mitchell

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Price-Strother map of NC: Reviews and Ads


NOTE: The information provided here is supplementary to “Reflecting on the Price-Strother Map of North Carolina: An Uncommon Exercise for an Uncommon Map”, a history of this magnificent map published in the Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts.  There are four NC Map Blog supplements to the MESDA article:

Price-Strother map legal documents

Price-Strother map of NC: reviews and ads (this page, scroll down)

Price-Strother map in contemporary letters

Price-Strother: a final letter




Contemporary reviews and advertisements for
the Price-Strother map of North Carolina

The earliest review located thus far was published in The Monthly Anthology, and Boston Review in April 1808.[1] Was it an original review, or was it a reprint of an earlier review? Continue reading “Price-Strother map of NC: Reviews and Ads”