Price-Strother map of NC: Reviews and Ads


NOTE: The information provided here is supplementary to “Reflecting on the Price-Strother Map of North Carolina: An Uncommon Exercise for an Uncommon Map”, a history of this magnificent map published in the Journal of Early Southern Decorative Arts.  There are four NC Map Blog supplements to the MESDA article:

Price-Strother map legal documents

Price-Strother map of NC: reviews and ads (this page, scroll down)

Price-Strother map in contemporary letters

Price-Strother: a final letter




Contemporary reviews and advertisements for
the Price-Strother map of North Carolina

The earliest review located thus far was published in The Monthly Anthology, and Boston Review in April 1808.[1] Was it an original review, or was it a reprint of an earlier review? Continue reading “Price-Strother map of NC: Reviews and Ads”